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Goodwinds Composites Repurposes 120-Year-Old Lathe to Manufacture Advanced Composites

Goodwinds Composites frequently invests in sturdy, used machines built to work with metals in other industries and repurposing them to manufacture composite materials. In addition to two centerless grinders, a 3-axis mill, multiple saws, and two lathes, all of which have been modified to machine composites, Goodwinds Composites turned a 120-year-old cast-iron lathe into a […]

The Art and Science Behind Roll-Wrapped Composite Tubes


Click to Expand Roll-wrapped composite tubing is structural tubing made by wrapping composite fabrics — such as carbon fiber or fiberglass — that have been pre-impregnated with resin around a mandrel. The layers are typically oriented in different directions to optimize strength and stiffness. After wrapping, the tubing is cured to bond the layers, resulting […]

Unidirectional Vs. Twill Carbon in Wrapped Carbon Tubes: Cosmetic or Functional?

Twill and Unidirectional Carbon Prepreg

When you think of a carbon-fiber, you probably envision the woven, cross-hatch look found in so many consumer products. However, many of our rods and tubes are made with unidirectional carbon, where the carbon fibers are all oriented in the same direction. But why? Is there truly an advantage to twill carbon, other than just […]

How To Choose Your Custom Composites Manufacturer

Composite materials are among the top choices for manufacturing due to their combined strength, stiffness, and lightweight features. They also provide exceptional corrosion resistance, durability, and design flexibility. Additionally, composite shapes have more structural versatility than other material options. These advantages allow manufacturers to design products with specific properties suited to their unique structures. Choosing […]