Goodwinds Composites is a reputable company specializing in customized composite materials produced in the United States. With our extensive knowledge and engineering expertise, we offer valuable guidance and deliver practical, cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients’ specific applications. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of our customers, whether for a basic tube or a complex, high-tech structure.

Here are the projects and case studies we have successfully executed, showcasing our capabilities and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions:

Luthiers Use Carbon for Structural Support — You Should, Too

Carbon composites have become indispensable in the construction of guitars.Though imperceptible to the eye, incorporating carbon rods is crucial in protecting wooden musical instruments against deformation.

Composite rods and tubes emerge as ideal structural reinforcement materials due to their excellent rigidity and strength relative to weight. These composites outperform steel and aluminum and offer varying stiffness depending on the orientation of carbon fibers. For example, unidirectional carbon rods excel in one direction, whereas wrapped composite tubes deliver remarkable hoop strength at minimal weight.


Carbon Fiber Gun Barrels

Using carbon fiber composites in gun barrels offers various advantages, from enhanced aesthetics to improved performance metrics. First, the inherent properties of carbon fiber contribute to a significant reduction in weight, increased stiffness, and heightened strength. It also provides augmented durability when used as an overwrap or sleeve for rifle barrels.

Goodwinds Composites utilized a meticulous process involving roll-wrapping with carbon fiber prepreg. This allows for the creation of a carbon fiber “sleeve” that can be seamlessly bonded to a steel gun barrel. In addition, the flexibility in selecting fabric orientation, diameter, taper, curing parameters, and post-cure modifications provides an extensive array of options.


Cnoc Reinvents the Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole

Cnoc Outdoors worked with Goodwinds Composites to revolutionize the design of carbon fiber trekking poles for enhanced durability and sustainability. The challenge was creating trekking pole sections that could withstand the strenuous forces of avid hikers over extended periods. The variable nature of these stresses necessitated a robust and highly adaptable solution.

The solution was to leverage the customizable nature of roll-wrapped composite tubes, a specialty of Goodwinds Composites. These tubes can be tailored to offer flexibility, strength, and impact resistance. Moreover, the manufacturing process allows using different materials, including carbon fiber and fiberglass prepreg.


White Paper: Roll-Wrapped Composite Tubes

Roll-wrapped composite manufacturing requires a systematic procedure to ensure consistency and quality in the final product. It starts with frozen composite prepreg, from which flags are cut using an automated cutting table. Each flag is tailored to specific dimensions — including diameter, length, fiber orientation, and wall thickness — ensuring identical patterns for each finished tube.

The composite flags are then meticulously rolled onto the mandrel using a rolling machine, applying even pressure along the tool’s entire length. This mechanical compaction, which human hands cannot replicate, ensures a consistent and tightly wrapped composite structure. The mandrel is wrapped with shrink tape to achieve the final exterior dimension following the rolling procedure.


STEM Success

In line with our commitment to fostering industry innovation, Goodwinds Composites donates composite materials to student-led initiatives. We understand the financial constraints that educational institutions and students face when working on hands-on projects. Our contribution of materials provides a real way for students to bring their ideas to life.

Goodwinds Composites’ support for student projects goes beyond material donations; it demonstrates our belief in the power of education and hands-on learning. We are committed to cultivating an innovative culture, and we see these projects as an investment in the creativity of young minds. We envision a ripple effect that propels the evolution of technology and design, ultimately benefiting society and various industries.

stem success

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