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Industry Leader in Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Rods and Tubes

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We do! At Goodwinds, we specialize in composite Carbon and Fiberglass rods & tubes for a wide range of industrial and hobby applications, and we stock all the accessories you need to build kites, RC model planes and boats, LARP weapons, and more.

In the fiberglass, carbon, and wood dowels departments you will find a full line of composite rods and tubes such as solid round, flat, micro, wrapped, and pultruded tube.

Expert Service

We are happy to work with you on custom carbon and fiberglass orders. We have a composites engineer on hand to help answer your questions and guide you toward the perfect composite to use in your project.

Just what you need

Please explore the site, you just might find exactly what you need and more.

International Support

We speak English, French, Dutch, and German. Give us a call! 206-632-6151

Our Goodwinds Team
Leland Holeman and Amelia Cook, owners departments

Carbon Fiber Rods & Tubes

Carbon Fiber Rods & Tubes

Carbon tubes and carbon rods are strong, lightweight, and used in a variety of applications, including LARP, archery, kiting, and RC, as well as an alternative to steel or aluminum in industry and machines. We sell solid rods and hollow tubes, large and small, as well as a variety of flat, micro, and even square carbon.

Fiberglass Rods & Tubes

Fiberglass Rods & Tubes

Fiberglass rods and fiberglass tubes used for constructing all kinds of single and dual line kites, LARP accessories, Boogie boards, RC planes, gliders, tents, atlatls, and sailboats.



Connecters are anything that clip on, fit in or over, and fasten or hold the framework of your structure together. We have the one of the largest inventory of kite connectors available. Of course, kite connectors can be used as fiberglass connectors and carbon connectors for all your composite rod and tube projects.

Line & Winders

Line & Winders

Here you can find shock cord as well as nylon cord and lacing used for tie down loops, tensioners, and wing tip fasteners.

We carry a full array of high quality spectra and dacron line as well as a nice selection of winders and straps that will work for any kind of flying style.

Sail Supplies

Sail Supplies

We stock the popular Coated Ripstop Nylon. Depending on what you're making, we can help you find the right fabric for the application.

We also carry a large selection of Polyester, Nylon, and Dacron tapes and webbing, along with the thread and glue needed to do the job right.


Poles, Glue & Dowels

Here you'll find our selection of banner poles, including sectional bamboo and telescoping banner poles that come in many different sizes. We also carry wood dowels and outstanding glues.