We build wrapped carbon fiber tubes by wrapping resin pre-impregnated carbon cloth strips (prepreg) around a mandrel and then heat curing the tube. This results in a highly specific and customizable carbon fiber tube that is lightweight and strong. We precision build these wrapped carbon tubes in small batches. They can be tapered or cylindrical and have an endless variety of lengths, wall thicknesses, and other attributes such as rigidity and hoop strength. Our customers frequently use these composite tubes in high-tech scientific equipment, in sporting goods like trekking poles, in aerospace applications such as NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter and other drones, and a variety of hobby applications.

Goodwinds Composites can custom roll-wrap just about any carbon tube under 4 inches in diameter. Visit our Custom Roll Wrapping page for more information. We specialize in small batches, so give us a call at 206-632-6151 and tell us about your project!