Centerless Grinding

Our centerless grinder has been customized to handle carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes. It’s a messy process, but worth it when we can shave a few thousandths of an inch off of the diameter of a cylindrical when you need a precise outer diameter. Centerless grinding will also change the finish of the composite to be matte, and we are capable of creating a soft, smooth surface or a slightly-roughened surface perfect for bonding.

Centerless Grinding is a composites machining process that does not require the part being ground to be held or fixed in any way; this makes centerless grinding many pieces both fast and efficient. It is a precise and repeatable process capable of producing high quality parts.

In addition to grinding the products we supply, we would be happy to grind customer-supplied materials. Grinding composites has unique challenges that we have mastered to provide our customers with the highest standard of ground composite parts.

Goodwinds Composites is capable of precisely grinding within the following parameters:

  • Composite rods and tubes in lengths up to 72”
  • Composite rods and tubes in diameters between .040” and 1”
  • Grinding tolerance of 0.005″
  • Varied surface finishes from a course finish for glue ups to 800 grit sand paper-like finish