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Square Carbon Tubes

Much like round pultruded carbon tubes, square carbon tubes are pultruded and have longitudinally-oriented fibers. The outer profile of these tubes is square, while the inner hole is round. Square carbon tubes are a great choice if you have an application that requires a square profile but the stiffness and lightness of a carbon fiber tube. Our customers often use these rods as stiffeners in foam surfboards and foam RC models. Contact us for custom cutting or large orders at [email protected] or 206-632-6151 to speak to composites engineer.

Click on the product number to view product details, product pictures, related products, and more! All lengths listed are +/- 0.062″ and all diameters listed are within +/- 0.005″.


Fraction to Decimal Conversions:


.125" x 48" Square Carbon Tube
0.490 oz


.250" x 48" Square Carbon Tube
1.590 oz

Minimum Properties
Tensile Strength240 ksi / 1.65 GPa
Tensile Modulus19.5 msi / 134 GPa
Ultimate Shear Strength6.0 ksi / 41.3 Mpa
Ultimate Tensile Strain1.40%
Flexural Strength200 ksi / 1.37 GPa
Flexural Modulus18.5 msi / 127 GPa
Fiber Volume60%
Thermal Expansion Coefficient-0.1 ppm/cm3 / -0.2 ppm/°C
Density.054 lbs/in3 / 1.5 g/cm3
Diameter Tolerance+.005/-.005″
Glass Transition Temperature100° C
Matrix MaterialBisphenol Epoxy Vinyl Ester