Composite carbon tubes and carbon rods are strong, durable, and lightweight, making them an ideal material for structural components. Applications for carbon fiber composite rods and tubes include drones, cargo and surveillance blimps, aircraft wing spars, rollers and other structural pieces in industrial machinery, furniture reinforcement, truss rods, pool cue blanks, and so much more. Lightweight composites can transform your project into one that is more efficient, stronger, and stiffer.

Goodwinds Composites pultruded carbon fiber rods and tubes are made with unidirectional carbon fiber bound with an epoxy matrix, conferring a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio and excellent environmental stability. Goodwinds Composites roll-wrapped carbon tubes can be designed with unidirectional fibers or twill-weave fibers to confer specific properties such as hoop strength and impact resistance.

Our vast catalog of carbon rods and tubes offers off-the-shelf solutions for replacing parts in your project or prototyping your design with carbon composites. All composite materials are in stock unless otherwise noted and we can custom cut to your specifications. If you are interested in a large, custom-cut order or even a custom production run to your unique specifications, please contact us at [email protected] or 206-632-6151. Our composites engineers would love to speak with you!