Goodwinds Composites manufactures high quality, small diameter carbon rods through a method we call micro pultrusion.

Micro pultruded rods are made from carbon fiber tow drawn through a resin bath and a series of dies and ovens to create a continuous rod of a specified diameter

We manufacture and sell micro pultruded carbon in 48″ pieces on our Solid Round Carbon Rods page as well as produce custom sizes and continuous lengths rolled on a reel.

Micro pultruded carbon rods are:

  • Between .019″ and .125″ in diameter
  • Made with a Fiber Volume Fraction (FvF) of 65% – 70%
  • Have a low tooling cost for custom orders
  • Have low minimum orders
  • Have a quick turnaround time
  • Can be coiled continuously or cut to spec

Call to talk to us today about micro pultruded rods at 206-632-6151.

pultrusion diagram