Roll Wrapping

Goodwinds Composites precision builds custom wrapped carbon and fiberglass tubes. Roll-wrapping involves the applying of resin pre-impregnated fiber cloth (pre-preg) around a mandrel. The outer diameter of the mandrel determines the inner diameter of the final tube. We then spiral wrap the mandrel and prepreg with a cellophane tape and then heat cure the tube in an oven. After curing, we extract the mandrel to leave the tube ready for machining or finishing as necessary. Some of the variables we can accommodate include:

  • Material – We can create tubes using pre-preg carbon, fiberglass, kevlar, or a combination of different materials
  • Size – Wrapped tubes are made to a specific inner and outer diameter, giving you control of wall thickness and size
  • Straightness – We can make straight or tapered tubes
  • Inner Core – Goodwinds is able to wrap around an inner rod or tube of carbon, fiberglass, or even wood to make a solid rod instead of a wrapped tube
  • Stiffness – We can achieve a specific deflection by wrapping more or fewer layers of prepreg to create the finished tube
  • Look – We work with all kinds of pre-preg materials to create tubes with a ¬†unidirectional fiber wrap, square weave, twill, satin weave, fiberglass/carbon combinations, high-modulus carbon fabric, and so much more.

Goodwinds Composites would love the opportunity to work with you on a custom roll-wrapped product. Please call and talk to Paul today at 206-632-6151.

custom branded wrapped carbon

white paper rolled carbon tubes

WHITE PAPER:  Roll-Wrapped Composite Tubes

Roll-wrapped composite tubes offer unique characteristics that are not achieved through other construction methods.  While other ways of producing tubes are usually limited to a single design or layup throughout, roll-wrapping composite tubes give the creator a much greater level of customization with fiber orientation.