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Goodwinds Composites Repurposes 120-Year-Old Lathe to Manufacture Advanced Composites

Goodwinds Composites frequently invests in sturdy, used machines built to work with metals in other industries and repurposing them to manufacture composite materials. In addition to two centerless grinders, a 3-axis mill, multiple saws, and two lathes, all of which have been modified to machine composites, Goodwinds Composites turned a 120-year-old cast-iron lathe into a […]

Carbon Fiber is Anisotropic – Here’s Why That’s Awesome

Isotropic vs Anisotropic

Many amazing advancements in carbon fiber composites are because carbon fiber is anisotropic. That is, the carbon fiber properties depend on the orientation of the fibers. This directionality means that we can build wrapped carbon tubes to have customized attributes such as hoop strength and deflection.  Isotropy  Isotropic materials have identical material properties in all […]

Carbon Fiber Rods: Structural Composite Reinforcement

carbon fiber production processes

Engineers, equipment manufacturers, and product designers use carbon fiber rods and structural support components in a variety of industries. Because of their fantastic properties, like strength and rigidity, carbon fiber rods are an outstanding choice for applications where stiffness and weight are considerations. How Pultruded Carbon Fiber Rods Are Manufactured Carbon fiber rods are manufactured […]

Unidirectional Vs. Twill Carbon in Wrapped Carbon Tubes: Cosmetic or Functional?

Twill and Unidirectional Carbon Prepreg

When you think of a carbon-fiber, you probably envision the woven, cross-hatch look found in so many consumer products. However, many of our rods and tubes are made with unidirectional carbon, where the carbon fibers are all oriented in the same direction. But why? Is there truly an advantage to twill carbon, other than just […]

Carbon Rods: Strengthening the Foundation of Concrete Repair

Carbon rods

Concrete structures form the backbone of our modern infrastructure, providing stability and durability. However, over time, these structures may develop cracks and deteriorate due to various factors, such as weathering, age, or even poor construction practices. To restore their integrity and extend their lifespan, engineers have turned to innovative techniques, one of which involves the […]

Key Considerations With Carbon Composites

Carbon composites are commonly used as structural reinforcement. Their specificity and customizability can fulfill diverse design needs. Carbon composites can be as simple as structures of other materials reinforced with unidirectional carbon fibers or as intricate as 3-dimensional woven constructions purpose-built to fit a new application. Carbon composites can be further tailored to different uses […]