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Unidirectional Vs. Twill Carbon in Wrapped Carbon Tubes: Cosmetic or Functional?

When you think of a carbon-fiber, you probably envision the woven, cross-hatch look found in so many consumer products. However, many of our rods and tubes are made with unidirectional carbon, where the carbon fibers are all oriented in the same direction. But why? Is there truly an advantage to twill carbon, other than just […]

Goodwinds Composites Supports STEM Education

Technology and innovation play a huge role in Goodwinds Composites’ operations – we are constantly inventing new machines and machine attachments, figuring out new methods to make the best composites, and challenging ourselves to tighter tolerances and better customer service. In our world, the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education cannot be […]

Carbon Rods: Strengthening the Foundation of Concrete Repair

Concrete structures form the backbone of our modern infrastructure, providing stability and durability. However, over time, these structures may develop cracks and deteriorate due to various factors, such as weathering, age, or even poor construction practices. To restore their integrity and extend their lifespan, engineers have turned to innovative techniques, one of which involves the […]

Fiberglass Rod Reinforcement in Containment Systems

Fiberglass rod reinforcement has emerged as a popular option for physical support in containment systems in a variety of industries. This technology has been developed to enhance the structural integrity of containment systems by reducing the likelihood of leaks, spills, and other types of damage. Fiberglass rod reinforcement has been used in leak and spill […]