Applications of Carbon Fiber Rods

Pultruded carbon fiber rods make excellent structural support components for a variety of applications. Engineers, equipment manufacturers, and product designers use carbon rods because of their fantastic properties, like strength, rigidity, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to incorporating carbon rods into your products.

Wood Reinforcement

Luthiers (guitar builders) use carbon fiber rods as structural reinforcement in the necks of guitars. Flat carbon rods are installed in the necks of guitars to prevent warp, twist, and bowing of a thin, wooden neck while still allowing the use of a truss rod for precise relief adjustments. A guitar neck reinforced with carbon fiber will be more rigid and less prone to changing shape with changes in weather, humidity, temperature, or season. As Goodwinds Composites owner Leland Holeman says, “a guitar still thinks it’s a tree, so it swells and warps with changes in humidity and temperature.” Carbon fiber rods in the neck help the guitar keep its form.


Carbon rods can be used to repair concrete cracks and fissures and are sometimes used as rebar in construction projects. Carbon rods can reinforce wood structures to make them more rigid and less subject to environmental forces. Carbon rods are especially good for strengthening areas that are subject to repeat mechanical damage, like a parking deck or sidewalk.

Fabric Tensioning

Have you ever been on a long backpacking trip? Chances are that your hiking backpack had carbon rods in it to help it keep its shape. Carbon rods are used as fabric tensioning for vehicle sun shades, in hammocks and tents, and boat covers.

Industrial Equipment

Carbon rods are used in all sorts of industrial equipment. Beverage packaging equipment uses carbon fiber rods as wrap bars in the process of wrapping flats of drinks with plastic. Carbon rods can be spacers, rollers, and robotic arms.

Carbon rods

Scientific Equipment

Carbon rods are corrosion resistant and temperature resistant, making them ideal components in scientific equipment. 3D printers often use carbon rods as guiders. Other robotic equipment use carbon rods as arms and trackers.

micro composite rod

Push and Pull Rods

Pultruded carbon fiber rods are super strong linearly – along the length of the rod – making them an excellent material for pull and push rods. All of the carbon fibers in a carbon rod are oriented in the same direction, conferring superior linear strength. Pipe organ trackers, the mechanical linkage between keys or pedals and the valve that allows air to flow into the pipe, are an excellent example of  push and pull rods.

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