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Applications of Carbon Fiber Rods

Flat Carbon Rods

Pultruded carbon fiber rods make excellent structural support components for a variety of applications. Engineers, equipment manufacturers, and product designers use carbon rods because of their fantastic properties, like strength, rigidity, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to incorporating carbon rods into your products. Wood Reinforcement […]

Fiberglass Rod Reinforcement in Containment Systems

Fiberglass rod reinforcement has emerged as a popular option for physical support in containment systems in a variety of industries. This technology has been developed to enhance the structural integrity of containment systems by reducing the likelihood of leaks, spills, and other types of damage. Fiberglass rod reinforcement has been used in leak and spill […]

Get To Know Our Composite Machining Capabilities

Machining composite materials can be challenging, as it often necessitates using specialized tools and techniques to shape and refine them. At Goodwinds Composites, we have first-hand experience with the challenges associated with composite machining. Thus, we have developed various machining capabilities by employing precise tool selection, machine settings, and innovative processes. This blog article will […]