Get To Know Our Composite Machining Capabilities

Machining composite materials can be challenging, as it often necessitates using specialized tools and techniques to shape and refine them. At Goodwinds Composites, we have first-hand experience with the challenges associated with composite machining. Thus, we have developed various machining capabilities by employing precise tool selection, machine settings, and innovative processes.

This blog article will delve into Goodwinds Composites’ extensive machining capabilities. We will also explore the tools and techniques we use to achieve exceptional results, which separate us from our competitors.

Composite Machining at Goodwinds Composites

At Goodwinds Composites, we specialize in tight-tolerance, complex composite machining. Our machine shop is equipped with various customized tools and machines. In addition, our vast experience in working with composites enables us to accomplish any secondary process feasible on a carbon or fiberglass rod and tube.

While the following are some of our core capabilities, we are continuously looking for new methods for machine composites:

Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding is a machining technique that removes material from a workpiece using abrasive grinding or cutting wheels. What sets it apart from conventional methods is that it does not require a spindle or fixture to steady the workpiece. Instead, the workpiece is held by a blade and rotated by a regulating wheel, while the grinding wheel removes material from the workpiece’s outer diameter.

Our centerless grinder is designed to handle carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes. Although it can be messy, the result is well worth it. With our capabilities, we can remove a few thousandths of an inch from the cylindrical outer diameter of a workpiece. This enables us to achieve the precise outer diameter needed for various applications.

Custom Cutting

Custom cutting is a machining procedure that entails cutting or shaping a workpiece into a specific size, shape, or design that meets the client’s specifications. The methods can vary from simple saw cutting to more complex techniques like waterjet, laser, and CNC routing. Moreover, it is typically utilized in producing various products, including composite components, metal parts, and plastic items.

At our facility, we specialize in providing custom cutting services for carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes. Depending on our client’s requirements, we can cut to a tolerance of ±0.005 inches, with our standard tolerance being ±0.062 inches. We also utilize our custom-built saws to cut composites of all sizes, and no job is too big or too small for us to handle!

Machining and Lathe Work

Lathe work involves rotating a workpiece on a lathe machine and utilizing a cutting tool to shape or cut it. This process is frequently used to manufacture cylindrical components like bearings, shafts, and valves. Moreover, the degree of precision and complexity determine whether the lathe machine should be manually operated or computer-controlled.

At Goodwinds Composites, we provide chamfering and tapering services for carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes. We can also sand the finish of an entire rod or line or simply the ends to a particular length to facilitate glue-up.

Milling and Drilling

Milling involves using a rotating cutting tool to remove material from the surface of the workpiece to create complex shapes, slots, or features. On the other hand, drilling uses a drill bit to make holes in a workpiece. It is typically used to create holes of different sizes and depths in metal, wood, and plastic.

We can provide customized milling services like slotting, notching, and hole drilling in tubes and rods to meet specific requirements per the customer’s drawing. In addition, our advanced CNC mill and specialized tooling enable us to produce high-quality components with excellent finishes quickly and accurately.

Choose Goodwinds Composites for Your Next Machining Project

Since 2008, Goodwinds Composites has been a premier provider of customized composites sourced and manufactured in the United States! We possess vast expertise and engineering experience, which enables us to suggest and create the most cost-effective solutions. We can do everything, whether you need a simple tube or a complex, highly-engineered structure!

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