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7 Reasons To Consider Composite Rods and Tubes for Your Project

Composite rods and tubes are revolutionizing how engineers and designers approach construction projects. These advanced materials are gaining popularity thanks to their advantages over traditional alternatives like metal, plastic, or fiberglass. They also boast exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, unparalleled durability, and excellent resistance to corrosive substances and chemicals. The customizable nature of composite rods and tubes […]

Get To Know Our Composite Machining Capabilities

Machining composite materials can be challenging, as it often necessitates using specialized tools and techniques to shape and refine them. At Goodwinds Composites, we have first-hand experience with the challenges associated with composite machining. Thus, we have developed various machining capabilities by employing precise tool selection, machine settings, and innovative processes. This blog article will […]

Key Considerations With Carbon Composites

Carbon composites are commonly used as structural reinforcement. Their specificity and customizability can fulfill diverse design needs. Carbon composites can be as simple as structures of other materials reinforced with unidirectional carbon fibers or as intricate as 3-dimensional woven constructions purpose-built to fit a new application. Carbon composites can be further tailored to different uses […]

How To Choose Your Custom Composites Manufacturer

Composite materials are among the top choices for manufacturing due to their combined strength, stiffness, and lightweight features. They also provide exceptional corrosion resistance, durability, and design flexibility. Additionally, composite shapes have more structural versatility than other material options. These advantages allow manufacturers to design products with specific properties suited to their unique structures. Choosing […]

Key Considerations With Composite Fiberglass

Composites are becoming the material of choice in many industries, replacing plastics and metals. Their extreme versatility, strength, and durability make them preferable in high-performance applications. In particular, they are widely used in manufacturing aerospace components, race cars, boating equipment, sporting goods, and other industrial applications. Throughout the years, fiberglass in polyester resin — or […]