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With a high strength-to-weight ratio, fiberglass is an inexpensive material for structural components in hobby and industrial uses. Because it is electrically and thermally insulating, fiberglass rods and tubes work well in applications where signal interference is undesirable. Fiberglass is heavier and more flexible than carbon.
  • Solid Fiberglass Rods

    Solid Fiberglass Rods --

    Remarkably flexible, round fiberglass rods are used as framing for a variety of structures like greenhouses, kites, and flag whips. Also known a...

  • Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes

    Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes --

    Goodwinds Fiberglass Round Tubes are called Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes because they are created by winding fiberglass filaments around a mandrel...