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Connectors are anything that clip on, fit in or over, and fasten or hold the framework of your structure together. At Goodwinds we have one of the largest inventories of carbon & fiberglass rod and tube connectors available. Without these connectors, or fittings, a kite's framework would not hold together. Similarly, RC models and other items using carbon and fiberglass need connectors to keep raw materials from rubbing together, attach sails to the correct ends of a sailboat mast, and keep tent poles connected. Take a look at our large variety of fittings and connectors - whatever your project, if you are using carbon and fiberglass rods or tubes, we have a connector that will work!
  • Edge Connectors

    Edge Connectors --

    Commonly used for connecting spreaders to leading edge spars on kites, edge connectors can be used to connect any two composite rods or tubes perpe...
  • Standoff Connectors

    Standoff Connectors --

    Standoff Connectors are used to attach a small rod between the lower spreader and trailing edge of the sail on a dual-line sport kite. They can be...
  • Cochranes Dihedrals

    Cochranes Dihedrals --

    Cochranes Dihedrals are made from tough molded plastic and each color represents a different set of dimensions. The hole for the spine is slight...

  • Ferrules

    Ferrules --

    Ferrules are used to join two composite rods or tubes together. They also enable you to use shorter carbon or fiberglass rods or tubes and assembl...
  • Vinyl End Caps

    Vinyl End Caps --

    Vinyl End Caps (VEC) are best known for protecting the ends of your composite tubes and rods. End caps also save your sail fabric from spar abra...

  • Nocks & Inserts

    Nocks & Inserts --

    Nocks and Inserts enable you to rig a spar for tensioning such as a spine, wing tip or batten on a kite, or the end of a pole on a tent. Inserts ca...
  • Swivels & Clips

    Swivels & Clips --

    Swivels and clips allow you to easily attach and detach flying line from your kite. They also help prevent twists and knots from forming on you...

  • Molded Stoppers

    Molded Stoppers --

    Molded Stoppers, also known as Doo Hinkeys, clip-on or are glued onto a composite rod or tube to prevent connectors from sliding out of place. T...

  • Rings and Triangles

    Rings and Triangles --

    Metal Rings are useful for numerous applications. Use on multiple bridle kites such as Parafoil, Flare and Rokkaku Kites to join the bridles at ...