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Square Carbon Tubes

Much like round pultruded carbon tubes, square carbon tubes are pultruded and have longitudinally-oriented fibers. The outer profile of these tubes is square, while the inner hole is round. Square carbon tubes are a great choice if you have an application that requires a square profile but the stiffness and lightness of a carbon fiber tube.

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Product # Name
Each6+12+24+48+ Qty


.125" x 48" Square Carbon Tube
0.490 oz


.250" x 48" Square Carbon Tube
1.590 oz

Note! These square tubes have a round hole through the middle.

Cutting Carbon

To cut carbon tubes, use a Dremel motor with an abrasive cutting wheel for the cleanest cut possible. You can also use a fine-toothed hacksaw. Be sure the carbon tube is held securely in place, and use a gentle touch so as not to crush the carbon tube. Tape around the area to be cut to prevent splintering or separation of fibers and cut through the tape or between the tape wrappings. Wear eye protection and a dust mask for safety.