Luthiers Use Carbon For Structural Support –You Should, Too

Pick up any guitar in your local guitar store and chances are, if it was handmade or manufactured in the past several years there is carbon in the neck. You can’t see it, but it serves an important purpose.

What is a space-age composite doing in a wooden musical instrument?

Cnoc Reinvents the Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole

Cnoc Outdoors worked with Goodwinds Composites to create trekking pole sections with strength and flexibility.

Could a carbon tube be built to withstand the myriad forces put on it by an avid hiker, and could it withstand them hour after hour, day after day, year after year?

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Goodwinds Composites is thrilled to inspire a new generation of innovators with composites. We have seen, through the amazing variety of our customers’ projects and products, the incredible ways in which composites can be used in aerospace, agriculture, medicine, sports, music, and so much more. See some examples of STEM projects we’ve supported.

Carbon Fiber Gun Barrels

Composites offer distinct advantages as an overwrap or sleeve for a rifle barrel.

In addition to giving your gun barrel an amazing, high-tech look, you can immediately make gains in weight, stiffness, strength, durability, and customization when choosing carbon fiber composites to overwrap your barrel.

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WHITE PAPER:  Roll-Wrapped Composite Tubes

Roll-wrapped composite tubes offer unique characteristics that are not achieved through other construction methods.  While other ways of producing tubes are usually limited to a single design or layup throughout, roll-wrapping composite tubes give the creator a much greater level of customization with fiber orientation.

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From tents and guitars to helicopters on Mars, small diameter composite rods and tubes make excellent structural components in a wide variety of products.

Product design and prototyping with composites are easier than ever with off-the-shelf and custom carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes from Goodwinds Composites.

carbon rods carbon tubes
carbon rods carbon tubes
carbon rods carbon tubes