goodwinds custom machiningAt Goodwinds, we are the industry experts in machining composite rods and tubes. Our composites machine shop full of customized tools and machines and our years of experience working with composites mean that if a secondary process is possible on a carbon or fiberglass rod or tube, we can do it. Listed below are some of our capabilities, but we are always interested in pursuing new ways to machine composites. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you don't see exactly what you need! 206-632-6151

  • Custom Cutting - We specialize in custom cutting carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes to tight tolerances. Depending on your needs, we can cut to 0.005". Most of our customers don't require cuts so specific  - make sure to discuss your needs with us. We use our powerful, custom-built saws to cut composites all day long and no job is too small or too large. We are happy to cut composites purchased from Goodwinds for no charge. We are equally happy to cut composite rods and tubes purchased elsewhere for a fee.

  • Centerless Grinding - Our centerless grinder has been customized to handle carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes. It's a messy process, but worth it when we can shave a few thousandths of an inch off of the diameter of a rod for those instances when you need a precise outer diameter. Centerless grinding will also change the finish of the composite to be matte, and we are capable of creating a soft, smooth surface or a slightly-roughened surface perfect for bonding.

  • End-forming - Goodwinds offers chamfering and tapering of carbon and fiberglass rods. Some chamfers might require specialized tooling. We are also able to create a broken edge on any rod for those projects where a specific chamfer is not necessary.

  • Sanding - We can sand the finish off of an entire rod or tube or just the ends to a specific length for glue-up purposes.

  • Milling & Drilling –Milling composites presents some significant challenges that Goodwinds has had to overcome to meet our high standards. We are able to offer a full line of milling operations. Our specialized tooling makes quick work of it and produces very nice finishes compared to traditional processes.  Some but not all options available are slotting, notching, hole drilling in tubes and rods based on your drawing and dimensions.

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