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Whether you need to repair a kite or sail, reinforce a seam, or simply need an alternative to sewing fabric, tapes are a great way to get the durability you seek. Check out our variety of types, sizes, and even colors.
  • Dacron Tape

    Dacron Tape --

    3.9 oz Dacron Tape is strong, durable, abrasion- and UV-resistant. It is not adhesive, and must be sewn onto your project. Raw edge cuts do not ...

  • Adhesive Ripstop Repair Tape

    Adhesive Ripstop Repair Tape --

    Adhesive Ripstop Nylon Repair Tape is commonly used for on-the-field quick fixes of your kite, banner, or sail. Simply cut a piece slightly larg...

  • Adhesive Mylar Tape

    Adhesive Mylar Tape --

    Adhesive Mylar Tape is highly adhesive and ideal for patching rips on Mylar, plastic, paper, polyester and nylon fabrics. Because the tape is clear...
  • Insignia Tape

    Insignia Tape --

    Insignia Tape is a Dacron tape with an adhesive backing. It adheres more as it heats in the sun. This is the same material used for the call let...

  • Double-Sided Seam Tape

    Double-Sided Seam Tape --

    Synthetic fabrics like nylon taffeta, ripstop nylons and polyesters, and Oxford nylons, can be difficult to control when sewing. Double-sided acryl...