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Are you building a kite, blimp, windsock, banner, or flag? Here are all the supplies you’ll need.
  • Ripstop Nylon Fabric

    Ripstop Nylon Fabric --

    Ripstop Nylon fabric is an ideal all around sail fabric for making single line kites, stunt kites, banners, windsocks and streamers. Perpendicularl...
  • Tapes

    Tapes --

    Whether you need to repair a kite or sail, reinforce a seam, or simply need an alternative to sewing fabric, tapes are a great way to get the durab...
  • Shock Cord

    Shock Cord --

    Shock Cord, sometimes referred to as bungee or bungy cord, is a black, nylon covered, strong elastic cord used for tensioning the sail at wing tips...
  • Braided Lacing

    Braided Lacing --

    Braided Lacing is great for making small loops or ties. Sew in at the wing tips or tail piece of kites to allow for shock cord or an O-ring to be a...
  • Webbing

    Webbing --

    This Nylon Webbing has a thinner construction than seatbelt webbing, which makes it easier to use in heavy reinforcements and other applications. W...