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500lb x 500ft Black Braided Dacron
500 Feet
29.480 oz
500lb x 500ft Black Braided Dacron
500lb x 500ft Black Braided Dacron

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  • 500lb x 500ft Black Braided Dacron
Dacron kite line has a small amount of stretch, so if you are looking for precision, stretch-free kite line, please check out our spectra selection. Dacron line is great for single-line kites, windsock bridles, and other hobby, household and commercial or industrial purposes.

We are often asked to supply the diameters of Goodwinds line. Due to the compressible nature of Dacron line, no diameter measurement is exact, but here is an approximation to help you in your purchase:

   20#/10kg Dacron = approx.015"/.4mm dia

   30#/15kg Dacron = approx.030"/.8mm dia

   50#/25kg Dacron = approx.045"/1.1mm dia

   80#/35kg Dacron = approx.050"/1.3 mm dia

 100#/45kg Dacron = approx.055"/1.4mm dia

 160#/75kg Dacron = approx.065"/1.7mm dia

 200#/90kg Dacron = approx.085"/2.2mm dia

250#/110kg Dacron = approx.095"/2.4mm dia

300#/140kg Dacron = approx.100"/2.5mm dia

500#/230kg Dacron = approx.110"/2.8mm dia