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Because so many of our customers use composite tubes and rods for kite flying, we sell a variety of flying line and line accessories to complete your kiting experience.
  • Braided Dacron Line

    Braided Dacron Line --

    Braided Dacron kite line is ideal for single-line kites as well as millions of other uses. It has a small amount of stretch and is available in ...

  • Braided Spectra Line

    Braided Spectra Line --

    Western Filament Braided Spectra kite line is 10 times stronger than steel, U.V. resistant, and has the greatest strength to diameter ratio of a...

  • Sprint Sleeving Kits

    Sprint Sleeving Kits --

    Sprint Sleeving Kits are manufactured by New Tech Kites and come with a wire sleever and two pairs of 12 inch nylon sleeving. The wire sleever is ...
  • Reels and Winders

    Reels and Winders --

    Laser Pro Card Winders are the industry standard card winder for neatly storing your dual lines or quad lines. It fits easily in your kite bag a...