Kiting Supply Kiting Supply has one of the largest inventories and selections available when it comes to the supplies kite builders need.

We carry a full line of kite parts needed to repair, replace,or build new kites. From fiberglass and carbon fiber rods and tubes for kite spars to connectors, shock cord and other lines and a variety of winders to coated Ripstop Nylon and other fabrics, threads and glues, and even banner poles in a variety of materials and sizes, we are confident that Goodwinds has right item for your kite.

Making your own kite is simply fun no matter your age, background or experience level. Here in our Kiting Shop, you'll find a selection of sizes and products popular in this world-popular pastime.

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Meet Paul de Bakker, Goodwinds' own Composites Engineer and world-renowned kiter!

Perhaps you've seen him at indoor flying events, AKA National Championships, or any number of kite-related events. He designs his own line of kites and is an expert in kite building.

Whether you have a question about making a repair or building your own kite, Paul's the guy with the answers. Call today at 206-633-6151 or email:

Owners Leland and Amelia grew up with a family kite shop and their mom Jane is Chair of the Washington State Int'l Kite Festival in Long Beach.

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 Browse the products KITE enthusiasts purchase most often:

Carbon Fiber Rods & Tubes

Carbon Fiber Rods & Tubes

Carbon tubes and carbon rods are strong, lightweight, and used in a variety of applications, including LARP, archery, kiting, and RC, as well as an alternative to steel or aluminum in industry and machines. We sell solid rods and hollow tubes, large and small, as well as a variety of flat, micro, and even square carbon.


fiberglass rods and tubes

Fiberglass Rods & Tubes

Fiberglass rods and fiberglass tubes used for constructing all kinds of single and dual line kites, LARP accessories, Boogie boards, RC planes, gliders, tents, atlatls, and sailboats.




Connecters are anything that clip on, fit in or over, and fasten or hold the framework of your structure together. We have the one of the largest inventory of kite connectors available. Of course, kite connectors can be used as fiberglass connectors and carbon connectors for all your composite rod and tube projects.


Line and Winders

Line & Winders

Here you can find shock cord as well as nylon cord and lacing used for tie down loops, tensioners, and wing tip fasteners.

We carry a full array of high quality spectra and dacron line as well as a nice selection of winders and straps that will work for any kind of flying style.


Sail supplies

Sail Supplies

We stock the popular Coated Ripstop Nylon. Depending on what you're making, we can help you find the right fabric for the application.

We also carry a large selection of Polyester, Nylon, and Dacron tapes and webbing, along with the thread and glue needed to do the job right.


Glue and dowels

Glue & Dowels

We carry a birch dowels in a variety of diameters and glue for keeping rods, tubes, and connectors all together.