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Avia Sport Rounded Nocks

Avia Sport kite nocks are designed with rounded tips to prevent the kite nock from getting stuck in the ground when the kite lands on the wing tip. Kite nocks are a specific kind of kite connector made to attach the kite sail to the leading edge kite spar. Avia rounded nocks are not as susceptible to warping or breaking like sharp-ended nocks and they’re safer. Avia nocks are a perfect match for Goodwinds carbon fiber tubes. These lightweight kite nocks are available in a variety of sizes.

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Product # Name
Each12+24+48+144+ Qty


.196" Rounded Nock
0.026 oz


.210" Rounded Nock
0.026 oz


.220" Rounded Nock
0.026 oz


.230" Rounded Nock
0.026 oz