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Nocks and Inserts enable you to rig a spar for tensioning such as a spine, wing tip or batten on a kite, or the end of a pole on a tent. Inserts can be used to reinforce and protect ends of spars from being crushed
  • Avia Sport Rounded Nocks

    Avia Sport Rounded Nocks --

    Avia Sport kite nocks are designed with rounded tips to prevent the kite nock from getting stuck in the ground when the kite lands on the wing t...

  • Nock Inserts

    Nock Inserts --

    Nock Inserts are small aluminum fittings that fit inside Fiberglass Tubing, ProSpars, and SkyShark non-tapered spars. The proper size nock fits ...

  • FSD End Caps

    FSD End Caps --

    FSD End Caps serve as nocks for micro to medium sized rods and tubes. They are precision molded hard plastic with a unique design that prevents ...

  • Rounded Nylon Nocks

    Rounded Nylon Nocks --

    Rounded Nylon Nocks are similar to the Avia rounded nock and little bit more economical. Molded out of a durable nylon material, these nocks wil...

  • PINS & PINGS Converter Ferrules

    PINS & PINGS Converter Ferrules --

    Converter Ferrules, sometimes called PINS or PINGS (for "Plug-in Skinny" and "Plug-in G-Force"), are ideal for connecting two spars with differe...

  • Arrow Nocks

    Arrow Nocks --

    Arrow Nocks are the old school version of nocks that were used on classic stunt kites such as the Hawaiian 16, North Shore Extreme, California W...