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Molded Stoppers

Molded Stoppers, also known as Doo Hinkeys, clip-on or are glued onto a composite rod or tube to prevent connectors from sliding out of place. These Clip-On Stoppers are ideal when you want to hold leading edge and T-connectors in place on your carbon fiber or fiberglass spreader or standoff. To permanently fix a molded stopper in place, put a drop of Zap-a-Gap or Superglue on the inner surface of the stopper. Doo Hinkeys are molded from a durable hard plastic and come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any rod.

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Product # Name
Each12+24+48+144+ Qty


3mm Molded Stopper Clip
.098" - .125"
0.003 oz


4mm Molded Stopper Clip
.156" - .180"
0.005 oz


5mm Molded Stopper Clip
.180" - .196"
0.006 oz


6mm Molded Stopper Clip
.210" - .240"
0.010 oz


7mm Molded Stopper Clip
.250" - .281
0.013 oz


8mm Molded Stopper Clip
.315" - .375"
0.014 oz