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Rings and Triangles

Metal Rings are useful for numerous applications. Use on multiple bridle kites such as Parafoil, Flare and Rokkaku Kites to join the bridles at a single point, where the flying line will be attached. Use for joining the bridle lines on a windsock for hanging. Use the Split Rings for attaching tails through a grommet or loop on a kite. The Split Rings are made from nickel-plated tempered steel. The closed rings are made from aluminum.

O-rings can be used in place of shock cord for a cleaner look and tighter fit on your standoff or leading edge. Our U.V. resistant O-rings don’t break or deteriorate due to sun exposure. Simply push the O-ring part way through the sail tensioning loop, pull the ring through itself, and stretch the pulled end over the nock. O-rings can also be used to hold two intersecting spars together, such as a top spreader intersecting the spine on a kite.

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Product # Name
Each12+24+48+144+ Qty


3/4" Stainless Split Ring
0.038 oz


3/4" Rubber O-Ring
0.016 oz


1 1/16" Plastic Triangle Ring -- Internal Dimension
0.086 oz


1" Nickel Split Ring
0.085 oz


1/2" Aluminum Triangle Ring -- Internal Dimension
0.042 oz


3/4" Aluminum Triangle Ring -- Internal Dimension
0.066 oz