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Commonly used for connecting spreaders to leading edge spars on kites, edge connectors can be used to connect any two composite rods or tubes perpendicularly or at an angle to one another. Goodwinds offers a variety of perpendicular and angled edge connectors from kite accessory manufacturers made out of durable, molded plastic.
  • APA Edge Connectors

    APA Edge Connectors --

    Avia Sport Composites, Prism, Inc., and Aerie created APA Edge Connectors in the 1990s to fill a gap in the kite connector market for durable, s...

  • Premier Edge Connectors

    Premier Edge Connectors --

    A less expensive alternative to TAPA-125, these Premier Edge Connectors are made from durable, molded, soft plastic. Only one size available.

  • FSD Edge Connectors

    FSD Edge Connectors --

    FSD Edge Connectors are ideal for using on small solid carbon and fiberglass rods or pultruded carbon fiber tubing. They have unique flanges to ...