Double-Sided Seam Tape

Synthetic fabrics like nylon taffeta, ripstop nylons and polyesters, and Oxford nylons, can be difficult to control when sewing. Double-sided acrylic adhesive tapes make the job manageable for you. Simply place the Double-Sided Seam Tape along the sewing line and then sew right through it.

Limited quantities available.

Discontinued once stock is depleted.

Double-Sided Seam Tape

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1/4" (6 mm) Double-Sided Seam Stick Tape (clear)

72 yards (66 m)
1/4" (6 mm)
3.800 oz
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To make your sewing job easier and to keep from gumming up your needle and bobbin, try sewing just inside the line of tape (you'll need another quarter-inch of fabric overlap for this). Or, you could minimize the number of times your needle passes through the adhesive by spacing one-inch strips of seam stick tape every five or six inches along your seam.