Sprint Sleeving Kits

Sprint Sleeving Kits are manufactured by New Tech Kites and come with a wire sleever and two pairs of 12 inch nylon sleeving. The wire sleever is a handy tool for quickly sleeving your flying lines. Sleeves are a great way to keep your kite lines strong at their weakest points - the ends, where there are knots. Click on the product number to view product details, product pictures, related products, and more!

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Sprint Sleeving Kits

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New Tech Line Sleeving Kit
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It is a good idea to sleeve your spectra kite lines or windsurfing lines wherever you tie knots. Although spectra line is strong, it has a low melting point and the pressure from a knot will melt and break the line. Sleeving the line can prevent this type of breakage.