Reels and Winders

Laser Pro Card Winders are the industry standard card winder for neatly storing your dual lines or quad lines. It fits easily in your kite bag and is economically priced. These winders include a bungee cord to secure your lines to the winder.

Laser Pro Hand Grip Winders are sturdy, comfortable and slim enough to fit into your kite bag. Laser Pro Hand Grip Winders allow you to wind your flying lines separately, eliminating any twist. Ideal for entry level Sport kite flyers who like using different colors for indicating left or right lines.

Halo Reels are a tough plastic kite line reel that has a groove in the gripside that makes it easy to hold onto. The other side is slanted to enable the line to reel out effortlessly. These are great as kite winders for fighter kite line. Halo Reels come in two different diameters: 6" Halo Reels can hold up to 80lbs x 500ft of kite line and 9" Halo Reels can hold up to 150lb x 500ft of kite line. 6” reels are available in a variety of colors and 9” reels are available in black.

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Reels and Winders

Product # Name
Each6+12+24+48+ Qty


6" Halo Reel (Assorted Colors)
2.440 oz


9" Halo Reel
3.782 oz


Laser Pro Hand Grip Winder
1.610 oz


Laser Pro Card Winder with Bungee
1.670 oz
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