Braided Spectra Line

Braided Spectra kite line is 10 times stronger than steel per weight, U.V. resistant, and has the greatest strength to diameter ratio of any line and an extremely low stretch. The smaller diameter and low percentage of stretch of spectra line allow a flyer to perform a wide range of maneuvers in lighter winds with incredible responsiveness. These lines exhibit stellar performance characteristics including the highest “control resolution” with absolute minimum parasitic drag. The very slick surface of spectra line permits accurate control of the kite even when dual lines or quad lines become twisted during flight maneuvers. Spectra kite line is only available in white.

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Limited quantities available in some sizes. Discontinued once stock is depleted.

Braided Spectra Line

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Each6+12+ Qty


50lb x 100ft Braided Spectra Line
100 Feet
0.936 oz
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We are often asked to supply the diameters of Goodwinds line. Due to the compressible nature of Spectra line, no diameter measurement is exact, but here is an approximation to help you in your purchase:

30-50#/15-25kg Spectra  = approximately .010"/.25mm diameter

80-100#/35-45kg Spectra  = approximately .015"/.4mm diameter

150#/70kg Spectra  = approximately .025"/.6mm diameter

200#/90kg Spectra  = approximately .045"/1.1mm diameter

300#/140kg Spectra  = approximately .060"/1.5mm diameter

500#/230kg Spectra  = approximately .065"/1.7mm diameter